Duskin Donald Hill, UXC

UX Certified and Digital Media Professional | donhillphoto@yahoo.com

“Don is an exceptional graphics designer. He produces high quality work with very short timelines... Don also understands very well the perspective of the business and knows how to design apps that are sleek and intuitive to the end user.”

Job Joseph, Systems Analyst

“Don's experience in web front-end development, content re-engineering and creativity are awesome skills to count on with any development team. His insightful feedback and work ethics I can always be counted and relied upon.”

Jose Arrazolo, Sr. Web Technical Specialist
Houston Methodist Hospital

“Creative, talented and innovative, Don Hill translates his clients' wishes and needs into fine, memorable images. This is true of his photography as well as his web design work... Don is a pro.”

Mary Brolley, Sr. Communications Specialist
MD Anderson Cancer Center

“Don is one of those rare individuals who possesses both a strong creative eye and a tremendous aptitude for the technical side of the web. Whether Don is creating a 360-degree virtual tour of a business or capturing the innocence of a child's expression at just the right moment, he consistently produces work of superior quality.”

Amanda Wolfe, Senior Writer

“I highly recommend Don for his artistry, professionalism and easy-going personality. He is a very gifted photographer and a really nice guy, too!”

Theresa Massey, Marketing & Communications Manager
Sutter Health - East Bay Region

“From winning multiple photography contests at work to wowing his friends and the public with remarkably beautiful shots, Don is an incredible artist. A man of many skills, Don is also a talented webmaster. He is giving with his friends and is a pleasant, responsible colleague.”

Marie Parks, Co-Owner
Owl Eyes Creative

“Don has that rare balance we all seek in someone with technology expertise; he is knowledgeable, personable, has a great sense of humor, and demonstrates outstanding critical thinking skills that are appreciated by the most discriminating clients.”

Judy Young, Director of Development
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

“As a webmaster, Don brings an array of skill and professionalism to his work. He is accurate, prompt and dependable. As a photographer, Don has worked with The Methodist Hospital System on a number of special projects. His work has appeared in national media outlets including the New York Times, CNBC and Reuters.”

Denny Angelle, Senior Editor
Houston Methodist Hospital

“I had an opportunity to work with Don at Houston ISD. He was an excellent dependable resource for fresh HTML/UI & other front-end designs. Don displayed a very strong work ethic and was part of numerous challenging projects with tight deadlines.”

Sriram Chandrasekaran, Sharepoint Architect
Schlumberger Information Solutions

Are you seeking an experienced, creative UX/UI (UX Certified) and/or front-end digital media professional with leadership qualities? Would a web designer, front-end developer, web application designer, professional photographer, and/or multimedia professional be a bonus? Perhaps a proven digital marketer with invaluable experience in SEO and SEM is enticing? How about a highly motivated individual who is a proven leader and the consummate team player? Does someone with a former career in the psychology field intrigue you?

If you answered "YES" to any of these, then please scroll down▾ to learn more!


Senior UX/UI Specialist
Tokio Marine HCC | Sugar Land, Texas

  • UX Researcher and Designer;
  • Research, create personas, build prototypes for testing, conduct usability testing, create site architecture, design work flow mock-ups, A/B testing;
  • UI Designer;
  • Utilize UX research to craft full-design mock-ups and convert to code; <;li>
  • Work and collaborate within multi-disciplinary digital marketing team comprised of a manager, content manager, content writer, SEO/SEM specialist, as well as with a traditional marketing team;
  • Keep up-to-date with UX/UI trends and research and teach to team members;
  • Participate in ongoing education opportunities.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
UX research: card sorting, persona creation, protyping, usability testing, A/B testing with Optimizely; UI: routinely utilize Joomla CMS in building templates, adding and updating site; utilize latest Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Acrobat Professional, Illustrator, Dreamwever

June 2015 - Current

Senior Web Developer
Tokio Marine HCC | Houston, Texas

  • UI/UX Designer, Developer;
  • social media subject matter expert;
  • assess and execute internal customer needs/expectations;
  • provided graphic design and in-house photography;
  • design wireframes and mock-ups per expectations;
  • ownership of DNN content management system as designer, developer, and gatekeeper of content contributors;
  • collaborate extensively with a team of ASP.Net developers, SQL DBA's, third party vendors, and more;
  • utilize web analytics to justify business requirements and requests;
  • research and recommend various eBusiness directives;
  • lead efforts to convert external web hosting to in-house servers with redundancy for SQL database as well as load balanced web servers for both development and production environments;
  • coordinate and lead global rebranding initiative for web and social media efforts after company acquired and changed names.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
DNN CMS (DotNetNuke), HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap,Javascript, jQuery, ASP.Net, FTP, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Office, Axure, Moqups, PC platform

June 2015 - Current

Senior UI/UX Designer
Cardtronics | Houston, Texas

  • Company's sole UI/UX designer;
  • collaborate closely with the business department and project managers through the software development department to scope projects;
  • assess user needs/expectations;
  • design mock-ups;
  • program the front-end web-based application for internal and external customer use;
  • collaborate extensively with a team of ASP.Net developers, SQL DBA's, and more;
  • monitor, report and recommend strategy based on analytics reporting;
  • write, program and disseminate eNewsletters to a vast audience.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, LESS, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, ASP.Net, FTP, Visual Studio, TFS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, MS Office, Axure, Moqups, Mockup Plus, PC platform, Constant Contact

September 2013 - June 2015

Director of Multimedia
Design At Work | Houston, Texas

  • Lead a team of web developers with decision-making, creative and technical mentoring, policy and procedure setting, and personal development;
  • collaborated closely with company leaders to influence clients and potential clients their digital marketing needs and strategy;
  • coordinated with multidisciplinary team to produce and program websites, eNewsletters, radio spots, videos, and other public relations and advertising content for the benefit of our clientele;
  • regularly responsible for building/maintaining an average of 20 mid-size company websites;
  • utilized my photography skills for the company and for clients.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML5, CSS3, PhP, WordPress, FormTools, Javascript, jQuery, cPanel, FTP, Dreamweaver, Coda, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Jotform, MS Office, Axure, Apple platform, numerous email campaign tools, numerous social media sites, photography

October 2011 - September 2013

Houston Methodist Hospital System | Houston, Texas

  • Created wire frame designs for presentation and training purposes;
  • consult with system entities regarding social media and SEO with to increase awareness of programs and integrate increased interactivity;
  • initiated and implemented complex 360 degree virtual tours for community hospitals that are being implemented system wide;
  • involved extensively with bringing video streaming service strategies for web enhancement; initiated and working to formulate professional online videos for various service lines to enhance their online presence and interactivity;
  • provide photography for various Web sub-site's photos and publications;
  • regularly created template layouts and individual page enhancements;
  • instrumental role in migrating between content management systems; create, enhance and update content for numerous departments, centers and physician organization websites within the system's website umbrella;
  • trained content publishers in HTML and how to utilize content management system;
  • analyzed web traffic data to improve and implement search engine optimization tactics for various clients within TMHS;
  • significant role in pilot project with the Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Education (MITIE) program's website development;
  • aided in transition system's CMS from BroadVision to MedSeek.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML4, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, MedSeek CMS, BroadVision CMS, Easypano Studio Professional, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, MS Office, PC platform, numerous social media sites, MailChimp, photography

April 2008 – October 2011

Web Designer
Houston Independent School District (HISD) | Houston, Texas

  • Formatted and published regular e-Newsletters in mass e-Mail marketing campaigns;
  • created wire frame designs using HISD's official style guide which includes color schemes;
  • co-designed entire site using style sheets for all template layouts;
  • involved extensively in strategizing and implementing transition from content and design content management system upgrades on both a public and private site;
  • provide photography for website's stock photos and print publications;
  • trained content publishers in advanced HTML and CSS for a more effective workflow;
  • analyze web traffic data and implement recommendation for changes to enhance website.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML4, CSS2, Javascript, Vignette CMS, FTP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, MS Office, PC platform, photography

July 2006 – January 2008

Texas Elder Abuse and Mistreatment (TEAM) Institute | Houston, Texas

  • I was recruited by Dr. Carmel Bitondo Dyer, a prominent Geriatrician in the Texas Medical Center, to scope and build a website from conception to completion with continued maintenance for a newly formed non-profit group collaboration. Thanks in part to the website strategy, the organization was later awarded a two-year federal grant;
  • routinely updated and redesigned the site regularly to fit the organization's needs including updating news, adding eNewsletters, and building new areas of the site;
  • offered regular recommendations and implementations to improve the organization's web presence needs.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML4, CSS2, Javascript, FTP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, MS Office, PC platform, photography

March 2003 – January 2006

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo | Houston, Texas

  • Annually redesigned and redeveloped the world's largest rodeo and livestock show website to cater to its more than 18,000 members;
  • the site reflected an organization that has a local and global economic impact of more than $250 million annually;
  • designed and maintained website while ensuring information accuracy, timeliness of press releases, congruency with design scope and high usability standards;
  • oversee and utilize the website analytics to keep company's position with SEO at the top of results;
  • composed speeches and letters for the President and Chairman of the Board as requested;
  • created a weekly e-newsletter including interesting stories, timely information and instructions for a highly diverse user audience;
  • proofread press materials prior to publication; implemented cost-saving move from remote hosting to in-house self-reliance;
  • recommended and managed the switch from existing ColdFusion technology to ASP.net for quicker results and download time;
  • collaborated with IT Director to design and implement a custom-built content management system specific for the unique needs of HLSR;
  • transformed a static brochure-ware site to a dynamic site including online forms and merchandise store;
  • provided in-house portraiture, candid, still and sports photography for use in publications.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML4, CSS2, Javascript, FTP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, MS Office, PC platform, AP Styleguide, RealPlayer video streaming, photography

November 2000 – October 2005

Web Designer
Echo Canyon Productions | Austin, Texas

  • Formed this sole proprietor web design firm to cater to small business, groups and organizations specializing in non-profit groups;
  • reviewed with clients their vision and wishes through creation and implementation.

Skills/Tools routinely utilized:
HTML, CSS, Javascript, FTP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, MS Office, PC platform, AP Styleguide, photography

September 1999 – November 2000


Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas
Bachelor of Arts: Sociology
Minor: Mass Communications
Graduation: December 1992

UX Certified

UX Certified
NN/g Nielsen Norman Group
Certification ID: 1012074 — Verify »
Interaction Design Specialization
Since: April 2016
Updated: December 2016

April 2016


NN/g Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada
Added specialization in Interaction Design during six day workshop with one of the industry's premier UX experts with a focus on the following tracks: Interaction Design (3 day course); Emerging Patterns for Web Deisgn; The Human Mind and Usability; Information Architecture.

December 2016

NN/g Nielsen Norman Group UX Conference
Houston, Texas
Earned UX Certification during five day workshop with one of the industry's premier UX experts with a focus on the following tracks: UX Basic Training; Personas: Turn User Data Into User-Centered Design; Wireframing and Prototyping; Web Page UX Design: Optimizing Pages to Deliver on Business Goals; and the One-Person UX Team Tool Box.

March 2016

UI19 User Interface 19 Conference (User Experience Focused)
Boston, Massachusetts
Three day of intensive workshop and talks centered with UX design skills. Topics and workshops attended include: Service Design - creating delightful cross-channel experiences; designing with type; screen time - multi-device design; design for understanding; what video games teach us about UX; the architecture of understanding; UX strategy means business; the complexity of simplicity; the transformative power of typography and graphic design; designing microinteractions; and principles, values, and effective design team.

October 2014

eHealthcare Leadership Awards Judge
Annual Healthcare Internet Conference
Was recruited and served as a judge for the annual conference website awards. Reviewed and provided feedback for submitted healthcare websites and judged based on predetermined criteria that requires experience and expertise in the industry. Served each year since 2011.



Photo in New York Times
My photo of Jim Nantz appeared in the New York Times.

May 2009

Overall Grand Prize
Photo selected by a panel of outside professional art consultants for Grand Prize. Photo permanently hangs in The Methodist Experience Healing Arts Gallery located at the Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

May 2009

Photo of the Year
MyParkPhotos.com - Photo garnered Photo of the Year in an international public lands photography competition.

August 2006


The following is a small sampling of sites I've design, developed, provided user experience expertise or a combination or all.

Information Technology Auditing & Professional Services (ITAaPS)

Full beginning to end design, development and content project. Implemented WordPress per client's request for CMS.


ux/ui design & development


Cardtronics ATM Management Portal (CAMP)

Enhance and maintain corporation's new custom-built online software utility for clients to manage their online business. Work done with .Net programming.

ux/ui design & development

Pieper-Houston Electric L.P.

Provided UX design and worked with agency graphic designer on UI. Programmed front-end design with PhP.


ux design, front-end development


Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union (BVSCU)

Provided UX design and worked with agency graphic designer on UI. Programmed in WordPress for custom CMS per client's request.


ux design, front-end cms development

Advantage Electric

Advantage Electric

One-day beginning to end design, development and content per client's urgent request - he didn't have a site and a potentially large business customer wanted to see something online.


ui design, front-end development

Drive On

Drive On

Provided UX design and worked with agency graphic design on UI. Programmed using PhP and Foundation for responsive design. Worked with 3rd party company on secure online application process for client.


ux design, front-end development

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Delivery

Provided UX design and worked with agency graphic design on UI. Programmed CMS site in WordPress per client's request. Worked with 3rd party company on secure password protected area for clients.


ux design, front-end cms development

Whitman House Inn

Whitman House Inn

Provided beginning to end design, photography and WordPress development for client. Site is currently awaiting approval and extra information for completion.


ui/ux design, front-end cms development, photography



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